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The famous manufacture does honor to the traditional swiss watchmaking craft since 1865. All watches offered by the brand have hand produced mechanical movement Zenith. Each piece offers something special with an attention to detail. Zenith watches bear part of the glorious history of the brand with innovative features and complications that any other manufacturer can not offer . Series ZENITH El Primero is called by world´s most famous mechanical chronograph, which is currently also produced in a collection with an open escapement. ZENITH Series Pilot honores tradition of aviation watch brand. In 1909 Louis Bleriot surpassed with the airplane Bleriot XI as the first Channel with this watch on the wrist.



Breitling = instruments for professionals. The only brand in the world, which boasts parameters SWISS MADE 100% and 100% CHRONOMETRE. According to expert evaluations of Swiss watchmaking guild Breitling develops and currently produces the best-manufacture movements in the world with 5-year warranty for watch with manufacture movement.



Omega brand is a pure watchmaking art at the highest level. Omega watches, thanks to their precision and reliability to trickle down to the moon in the Apollo 11. In independent tests by NASA for its quality Omega overshadowed other manufacturers. Omega also develops and operates timekeeping all major sporting events.

Mechanical Omega watches as the world's only use special co-axial step that ensures stable running accuracy and long service intervals movement. Another highlight is the use of a watch balance wheel silicon and silicon thread or double standard working Fern.

In recent years, Omega has achieved as only the world's highest levels of mechanical movements CO-AXIAL CHRONOMETER MASTER. Watch this category are certified Swiss clockwork chronometrickým Office COSC and certified according to the methodology METAS - Swiss metrology institute. These tests do not focus only accuracy but also the reliability of the movement and include a test of resistance to extreme magnetic field intensity of 15,000 Gauss.



TAGHEUER watches show your customers time since 1860. TAGHEUER is characterized by its timeless, modern sport - elegant design and fitted to their customers. These beautiful models have quartz or automatic movements. Wearing TAGHEUER means prestige in a jewelery design combined with superior quality assured by tradition and level of the brand.TAGHeuer is simply a term that spoke and speaks for itself.



MONTBLANC watches are made in Le Locle, Switzerland. It is characterized by elegance, high level watchmaker and perfect craftsmanship with an eye for detail. At the same time they stand absolutely comfortable and pleasant wearing, practicality, simple. Besides the traditional good mechanical and quartz movements MONTBLANC company offers exclusive manufacture calibres with outstanding features and functions.