Why to buy from us

Tradition: Our company has been verified by more than 25 years of the existence in the market.

Expertise: We pride ourselves on vocational and craft education and regular training of our staff in the subjects of our activities. Our core values ​​are professionalism, honesty and individual approach to customers.

Certainty: We offer exceptional security, guarantee and care nowadays full of confusing range of goods with unknown origin from unknown sellers without professional qualifications.

Consistently favorable prices: The prices in our stores are proven long-term more advantageous over the competition and we are not fooling our customers with a discount tricks. Additionally, a number of products we are willing to negotiate the final quote individually with the customer.

Compliance with Laws: Our company is committed to honoring and complying with all laws relating to our business.

Quality Guarantee: We guarantee the quality of the products sold. In the event of faults or poor quality of purchased goods we are ready to solve the problem to the satisfaction of the customer by professional repair, exchange goods or refund.

Complete Services: Every product needs occasionaly cleaning, repair, reduce or enlarge. Professionally we take care of all goods purchased from us.