Complaints Procedure

Complaints procedure is governed by Act no. 89/2012 Coll. Civil Code and the Act no. 634/1992 Coll. on protection by con

Warranty on products

All purchased goods are covered by warranty for 24 months.

The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear of the product in accordance with its nature and purpose. Product life may in some cases be less than the warranty period.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by mechanical damage to the product, as well as defects caused by improper use, failure to observe the operating instructions or tampering of the product. Takev In case the seller has the right to dismiss the complaint as illegitimate.

A claim

The buyer submits a complaint at the shop where the goods were purchased. In some cases, the buyer can make a claim in another store company.

The buyer is obliged to submit a claim proof of purchase.

To each watch purchased in our enclosed warranty card or certificate. Although this document is not legally required, we ask customers about its appendices in the event of a complaint to the needs of professional services.

The seller is obliged to settle the claim within the statutory period of 30 days, in agreement with the buyer the following ways:

  1. Professional removal of the defect or replacing the goods are identical or different in the case of removable defects
  2. The exchange of goods for identical or different, or refund the purchase price in case of irreparable defects
  3. The exchange of goods for identical or different, or refund the purchase price in case of complaint product 3.oprávněné
  4. Refusal of an unjustified complaint with expert reasoning in the case of unjustified complaints

In the case of a reasoned warranty service from outside the Czech Republic is the deadline for settling a claim by law to 90 days.

Warranty for services

In the case of services provided by us, this is typically services carried out on an old or used product. Under the law, according to the interpretation of the Czech Trade Inspection on old or used products are not covered by any warranty. Beyond the law, our firm provides services and spare parts used carried and used on old and used goods warranty of 3 months for renovations of old clock or watch movements, or 6 months for all other services.

In case of a complaint, the buyer is obliged to submit custom sheet with a description of the subject and the services provided on it. The parameters of this custom sheet complies day repair bag issued by the buyer to perform the service. Mere proof of payment services for the purposes of the claim is insufficient because it does not contain a description of the subject and the services performed.

For services performed on goods during the warranty period, our company does not accept performing service on this product, legal guarantee for the goods. For goods within the warranty period guarantees, without any exception, always selling company.